Election Information: Waiting NLRB Decision

GET-UP filed for an election with the NLRB on May 30th, however no election has been scheduled yet. Their proposed bargaining unit includes all research students and TAs in BGS, SAS, Annenberg, Nursing, SP2, Design, and Education and aimed for a mail-in election over the summer. Despite declaring that all students deserve a union and should vote in the upcoming election, the union arbitrarily excluded SEAS and Wharton (which they call “strategic”) and sought to hold the election when many students would not be able to vote.

We have always advocated that each school should decide if unionization is right for them. GET-UP had the option of using Yale’s model in which each graduate group would vote to be included, but instead choose to effectively gerrymander the bargaining unit. Student government polls and our petition indicates that BGS, SEAS, and Wharton are heavily against unionization (GET-UP has not publicly released any data on how many people signed authorization cards). More than 50% of BGS students signed our petition against unionization, yet GET-UP refused to meet with us to discuss why SEAS and Wharton were excluded, and why BGS was included. It is antithetical for an organization to claim that it supports all students, then turn around and propose an election that denies our right to self determination.

We are currently awaiting the NLRB director’s decision. The ruling will include who is covered by the bargaining unit, and the date/method of election. Once the ruling is released, we will update our homepage for election information.