Family Benefits

Quick Facts

  • Penn’s family benefits are unparalleled in both industry and academia, indicating that unionization that will not dramatically improve benefits
  • Approximately 8% (~250) of PhD students have children
  • Many of our current benefits were achieved by GAPSA, indicating that we do not need to pay dues to a union to bring about increased benefits

In-depth Overview

Raising a child is one of most rewarding parts of life, but also can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. We recognize that balancing academic and family life at graduate school can be extremely stressful, however GET-UP has not offered any concrete solutions or ideas. In comparison, Penn has already demonstrated that it supports families and the associated costs.

Benefit Description
Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave 8 weeks paid time off (16 weeks total if both parents are graduate students). Includes adoption as well as birth.
Family Leave Up to one year off with no impact on degree requirements/progression.
Family Grant Program Up to $6700 per year for any expenses related to raising children. Awards are based on number of children and expected costs. Roughly 90% of all applications are accepted and the average award is $3152 per child and over $300,000 is supplied by Penn to fund the grants.
Subsidized Childcare Reduced rate at Penn’s childcare facility.
Emergency Childcare In-home daycare during emergencies, available 24/7.
Fund for Families $1,000,000 dedicated to help cover the costs of dependent healthcare insurance and other expenses.

Penn offers an unparalleled 8 weeks of paid maternity/paternity leave and yearly grants to help offset the costs of raising children. If you compare our benefits to unionized schools such as Temple or NYU, you will see our benefits are vastly superior without unionization. It is therefore doubtful that a union could improve family benefits, especially since our benefits are greater than what other universities and companies offer. Our superior benefits also raises an important question: if we can receive great benefits without a union, why do we need one?

It is important to note that many of these benefits that families enjoy today were advocated and pushed for by GAPSA, our student government that GET-UP frequently refers to as “toothless”. We simply do not need to pay GET-UP to act as an advocate for families, especially when our student government and administration have already proven themselves capable.