Recently GET-UP has started to post issues and testimonials highlighting the concerns of certain graduate students. We understand that many of these issues are deeply personal, but emotionally-charged rhetoric is not a substitute for detailed plans and data. For many of the issues facing graduate students, GET-UP has not released any specific proposals, a critical error for an organization that wants to dramatically change the structure of our graduate programs. The union’s lack of clear and precise proposals demonstrates that they do not have ability to effectively address student concerns and issues.

While GET-UP might state the willingness to fight for certain issues, it is important to remember what is actually attainable. Instead of hypotheticals, we need to compare what GET-UP wants to get vs what other unions (like the NYU union) actually got. The union might claim that they will win on every issue, but every benefit won requires a compromise elsewhere.

The Issues

Pan-Graduate School Unionization

GET-UP’s Recruitment Tactics

Ongoing Censorship of Our Message


Dental and Vision Insurance

Family Benefits

Pan-Graduate School Unions

International Students

Worker’s Compensation


Funding and Intellectual Property