Petition Results

Over the past month and a half, we have been collecting electronic signatures from graduate students who feel that unionization is not in their best interest. While some might think that we are just a small group that should dismissed, we are everything but insignificant.

As of 6/14/2017, 550 PhD students have signed our petition! Best part of all, we didn’t have buy anyone’s personal information, call them, or show up at their house unannounced. We simply advertised our petition through email, our website, and Facebook.

School Breakdown

Note: Some students, such as MD/PhD or people in dual-programs are not counted in the above graph, but included in the total number of the signatures do to ambiguity in what program they belong.

Initially, GET-UP tried to include every PhD student under its pan-graduate school union. We have never been opposed to unionization, we simply believe that each school should be given a choice and decide for itself. Each school varies dramatically in size, and smaller schools could easily be outvoted if grouped together under one large union.

School Percentage

When GET-UP realized they could not win the election if they included every school, they instead gerrymandered the bargaining unit to exclude SEAS and Wharton, but keep BGS. It is clear from our data (and if GET-UP valued transparency, they would release theirs as well), that BGS, Wharton, and SEAS are the most against unionization. By cutting out SEAS and Wharton, but not BGS, the union figures they could win the election and force BGS to be a part of it, despite the students being heavily against unionization. In fact, if we break down BGS into its individual programs, we see that several programs have a super majority against unionization. It is clear that GET-UP cares more about itself, than accurately representing students.

Breakdown by Program