Quick Facts

  • Stipends vary dramatically across each school, but all schools typically receive a 2-3% increase in their stipend per year
  • Unions at other schools have led to 2-3% increases in stipends, within the same range of what we already receive
  • Union dues will dramatically decrease any stipend increase

In-Depth Overview

Stipends at Penn have increased at a rate between 2-3% per year (depending on the program/school). For example, the stipend given to Biomedical Graduate Studies (BGS) students has increased at an average rate of 1.91% per year over the past decade. The lack of a stipend increase between 2013-2015 was due to the government sequester, which shrank the NIH by roughly 3%.


If you look at NYU’s and Temple’s, you will see that their contracts typically contain yearly increases of around 2-3%. The yearly stipend increase under a union is already within the range of what we receive anyways. For example, the NYU graduate school union negotiated a 2.25-2.5% annual pay increase, which barely covers their 2% union due. Since GET-UP is proposing up to 2% yearly dues on our stipend, any stipend increase would have to be dramatically higher than what other unions have achieved in order to match what we already receive yearly from Penn.