Top Five Arguments Against Unionization Under GET-UP

Historically, unions have been instrumental in securing benefits and protecting the rights of labor employees. We support both the right to unionize and unions. We believe that individual departments should decide whether or not to unionize, without their decision being dependent on how another program votes. After evaluating the available evidence, we feel that pan-graduate school unionization is not an appropriate solution for all programs and in some cases, unionization may cause more harm than good. We have five arguments on why GET-UP would not best serve our collective needs:

  1. No Demonstration of Fiscal Responsibility

  2. Individuals and minority programs will not have a significant voice in a pan-graduate school union

  3. Skepticism about GET-UP’s impact on student issues

  4. Lack of transparency about GET-UP’s relationship with AFT and concerns about autonomy

  5. Prioritizing Forming a Union Over Student Concerns